Live Scan Fingerprint Background Checks


Purpose of Background Checks

Securing a criminal background check prior to employment, licensure, or certification provides a hiring or licensing authority an important resource, which aids in the evaluation of the applicant. These applicants are often candidates for positions that place them in a position of trust for some of California’s most vulnerable citizenry, elderly, and dependent adults and children. As such, it is vital for the hiring or licensing authority to be aware of specified active arrests or convictions. Entrusting applicants with the responsibility of the position prior to a criminal background check potentially jeopardizes the safety and integrity of the workplace and may leave some individuals exposed to unnecessary harm. Employment and licensing authorities may also face legal liability if applicants with specified active arrests or convictions are employed or licensed when statute prohibits such action based on the successful completion of a criminal background check.


What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Live Scan Fingerprinting is an inkless, mechanically capturing fingerprints and transmitting them electronically to the DOJ and/or the FBI for completion of a criminal record check. The Live Scan fingerprinting technology replaces the process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink. Digitizing the fingerprint images enables SMS Live Scan to electronically transmit fingerprints to the DOJ and FBI in a matter of seconds.

Who Needs Live Scan?

Security Guards, Real Estate Licensees, DMV Licensed Professionals, Notaries, Foster Parents, Teachers, Appraisers, Care Givers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Volunteers, Lawyers, etc.


SMS Fingerprinting Service
  • SMS are trained and certified Live Scan operators, will scan your fingerprints using Live Scan system
  • The SMS certified Live Scan operator will collect all paperwork and appropriate fees.
  • SMS Live Scan System is portable for large groups.
What you need to provide SMS Live Scan Operator
  • Employer or Requesting Agency will provide you with the Request for Live Scan Form.
  • Print three copies of the Request for Live Scan Form
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Appropriate fees

Pre-Employment Background Screening Solutions

Your organization is unlike any other and as a result, you require unique solutions for your hiring process. We offer comprehensive employment background screening that allow you to hire with confidence.

  • State Criminal Records: We search statewide repository where we are confident that you receive a reliable and thorough background check.
  • Federal Criminal Records: A federal criminal records search is often a supplement to county and state criminal records checks and is commonly used for employment screening for senior and executive-level positions. We provide case details and outcomes for 94 federal districts throughout the United States.
  • Sex Offender Registry: We search the US Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry, which includes real time listings of registered sex offenders in 49 states, offering complete and current reporting of any convictions and/or infractions.
Contact us today to learn how our Live Scan and Criminal Background Checks allow you to hire with confidence.